Thursday, September 24, 2015

The 4th Stooge

John Proctor: Hero or Stooge by Phillip Denne

    John Proctor has played a very, very important role in the play "The Crucible". Even though he's been relevant in every act and almost every scene, his character as a Puritan was never truly put into effect until the middle of Act 2. A lot about him has come out through Abigail and Elizabeth, which are not good signs. Although he's had heroic moments in the play, he has been more effective as a Stooge. When his character was tested, he failed to prove that he is not a sinner or try to lie.
    Proctor falls in line with the rest of the Salem resident who've been questioned and proven to be sinners. The main reason that worsens his situation is that he is defying the Ten Commandments, and one of the main ones for that matter. Also, he cheated with someone who is a main suspect of witchcraft and association with the Devil, which puts him in the talk of association. Confessing might have been the logical thing to do in the court, but now that he will be in jail and probably hung for his crimes.Act 3 revealed his true self as a stooge.

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  1. Well, yes he did cheat, but not after knowing that Abby would do such a thing, bringing the whole town to chaos. Also, what about telling the truth makes him a stooge?