Thursday, September 10, 2015


Blog #1: Me

    My name is Phillip Bernard Denne, Jr. I was born September 15, 2000 in Chicago, Illinois. I live at home with my mother, father, and sister. I am the youngest in my family. My hobbies are playing games on my phone, playing video games, sleeping, playing soccer, and hanging out with friends and family. Previously, I went to Skinner West for Kindergarten through 6th Grade, and I attended Kenwood Academy's Academic Center from 7th Grade to 8th Grade. Now, I attend Whitney M. Young Magnet High School.
    I live with my parents and sister. My parents are very caring, loving, and strict about my academics. My sister, Jordyn, is 2 years older than me. She is very bossy, but she always looks out for me. As the "baby" of the family, I rarely get in trouble and usually get what I like. However, I do face consequences when I do get in trouble.
    As a student for most of my life, I've always valued education first. From Kindergarten all the way until now, I've been on the honor roll every quarter possible, mostly getting A's and B's. When I graduated from Kenwood in 8th grade, I had a 4.14 GPA and was on the Principal's Honor Roll every quarter I was there. As I enter Whitney Young, I know the rigorous academic program and high academic standards will be a challenge, but I know I can handle it.
    I love to play soccer. I am on the freshmen team at Whitney Young. Outside of playing soccer, I usually sleep, as you can never get enough sleep in life, especially when you're busy with an extra-curricular activity or school most of the year.  
    I am eager to get my high school career started, as it is a new chapter of life and arguably the most critical.

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